The Origins of Political Correctness

My morality is based on my faith and my adherence to the tenets of Christ’s teachings. I’m committed to living my life in a manner expressed by remaining vigilant to keep and live by Protestant Orthodoxy in my daily life. Practicing my beliefs has always required constant effort in coming to terms with and seeking forgiveness for my own sins in the context of the fact that absolute truth does, indeed, exist. If you’re with me, you must know that we have enemies who would ruin us for living our faith because we stand in the way of their cold-culture-war tactic of imposing myriad perversions upon our nation.

The primary goal of the post-modern leftist is to seize power – for power is all that matters – by revising history, fabricating “news,” and agitating to create and maintain politically-corrected, culturally-Marxist victim groups. There’s a shadowy stench of interconnected evil schmucks afoot. They’re concealed behind the curtain of their own self-righteousness. They have been wildly successful in debasing today’s cultural milieu. They have nurtured an unusually evil form of egalitarianism that demands “equity,” which is entirely contrary to human nature. We dare not name them, but for the better part of the last century, they have successfully indoctrinated millions of irrational, overly-emotional simpletons in most Western nations. Today, because of their schemes, we all have neighbors (even family members) who now fall in line with a pathetic, insane dogma that now infests our universities, bureaucracies, and even most mainline churches: Critical Theory.

We must never submit!  We must never shut up about such entrenched evil.  For me, doing so would require betraying my faith-based commitment to being a steward for moral absolutes that made Western Civilization “civilized.”  It would require that I learn to hate my forebears.  It would require that I quit caring about our posterity.

The demands of today’s leftists are clearly Satanic, worthy only of our scorn, and require our employment of the harshest counter-measures possible. The advent of Political Correctness started a cold civil war.  Maybe it’s time we made it a bit more of a hot one, and bring an end to it.

Tolerance is not a useful value. It must be taken off the table in our existential fight against evil people and the institutions they control.