Getting this little project off the ground has been nearly impossible for me.  I love to write and have a journalism degree with a specialty in magazine and feature writing.  I’ve written for publication numerous times under both my own name and various pseudonyms since 1982.  I am constantly researching, studying and mastering (I hope) new discoveries that I want to share. I also love American and Western Civilization’s history, which is only natural, I think; I’m a descendant of at least one Jamestown Colonist, as well as being the 9th great grandson of John Endecott, the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony.  My research is pretty conclusive that I’m directly descended from founding settler groups of six of our original 13 colonies.  Many of my ancestors also trail-blazed their way across the frontier creating a few states, along with many cities, counties and towns along the way, as they led our nation to its exceptional beginnings.  So far, thanks to handed-down family genealogy and 52 years of my own research, I also know of eight 3rd, 4th and 5th great grandfathers who fought in the Revolution.  There are more such veterans I have yet to confirm.  There is no doubt that American history and heritage run deep in my veins.  Here, I’ll be sharing stories of my ancestors lives and deeds I have uncovered through the years, particularly as they offer insight into more recent and current events.

In the 2 1/2 years since I first designed this site, I’ve written and re-written this introduction several times.  WordPress tells me I have revised it 70 times as of today.  Several times I have removed my work (I kept copies of everything for later) and started entirely from scratch, as I have here.

Why all the difficulty?


I have been afraid to publish commentary about my passions because the current American political milieu has made it nearly impossible for anyone with traditionalist Western or American sentiments to write or speak freely without being attacked, doxxed, or otherwise harmed simply for being who they are, and loving their American heritage.

My hesitance to publish is definitely not because I worry at all about whether or not people will like my writing, my commentary, my oddball sense of humor, or my ideas. Criticism of this sort doesn’t bother me at all, so long as my detractors are reasonable and competent in expressing their disagreements in a civil manner.   It’s absurd that discourse is such that I must be cautious about intentionally or unintentionally breaking some new contrived addition to the code of left-wing conduct – they seem to change things every week – fabricated to silence people who think and believe differently from the way they do.  I’ve already had my run-ins with angry ignoramuses who turned political and cultural disagreements into attempts to damage my career and otherwise harm my family.  I’ll get around to sharing my stories about some of those incidents and bad actors, too.  Some hard things just must be told for the sake of both people like me and my Posterity, which I believe is threatened by nattering nincompoops of hatred.  So I must take this risk.

When I say “people like me,” here are a few examples of who I want to reach with RocketBacon:

  • Nation-loving Americans who know that God bestowed great Providence upon America and its people, and realize there is a roiling good vs. evil cold war going on between those who want to keep the Republic and its temperate liberty and those who want to destroy it; or, at least eliminate the inconvenient truth that the moral facets of Christianity and Western Christendom were both naturally and intentionally interwoven into the foundation of our laws, traditions, literature, art and all our rich, interrelated manners and customs across this land;
  • Patriots who believe that America’s ancestors, its colonists, its settlers, its revolutionaries and its founders were outstanding, exceptional people who risked everything to attempt the grandest experiment in self-governing ever undertaken by mankind;
  • Reasonable people who understand or want to learn about the evils of Cultural Marxism, where it came from, who planted the seeds of it, and people who are chomping at the bit to see that Cultural Marxism and its whiny stepchild, Political Correctness, are both stopped dead in their tracks in America for the sake of the continuity of the Republic;
  • Fully unhyphenated Americans who know that our nation was founded by an actual people on behalf of themselves and their Posterity – it says so right in the Preamble of our Constitution – not on a some mere set of ideals that the aforementioned culturally Marxist folks peddle and revise to their advantage as they please;
  • Deeply caring stewards who have been ostracized, punished or otherwise harmed for their studies of history and heritage, and daring to share with others about what they have learned, from the warts to the roses of it – mistakes provide necessary lessons on any path to greatness;
  • Morally straight folk who refuse to re-tune their moral compass to accommodate or be bound by whatever whims and fancies our media, entertainment industry, and most of our political class insist we must not only tolerate, but participate in, or be labeled as a nonconformists, which usually is expressed by them calling us racists, misogynists, phobic, or some other bogeyman-maker term or phrase;
  • People who see the lunacy they have been taken in by, are tired of the politics of victimology and are now entertaining the #walkaway movement.

If one or more of these bullet points resonate with you, then you are part of my intended audience.  Welcome!  I look forward to your conversation and ideas!

If you’re “triggered” by any of the points above, you’re probably not going to like my posts at all.  And, considering what I’ve experienced with loud progressives so far, you just might develop an irrational hate for me – maybe even to the point of derangement.  You wouldn’t be the first.  I know there’s a lot of derangement-caused hate consuming you Progressives, socialists, Antifa goons and other tools of the left, as well as the old GOP elite that had its ass handed to it in 2016.  Just know that incivility, frequent use of logical fallacies, or rebuttal by referencing hack sites like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post or any of the other unhinged left-side agitprop is going to get you blocked from commenting.  Rebuttal by posting FoxNews material is also discouraged; if the content was created by any company that is owned by one of the big six globalist corporations that decide what we get for news and how America is “entertained,” let’s try to keep any of those sources from being a source for rebuttal.  Posting links to old, pre-PC articles, stories about the making of America written or orally transmitted years ago is very much welcomed.

It’s that simple.  I may break my rules from time to time.  I can do that.  It’s my site.  And I really want to get started with it on this 70th revision.

As I see it, there are many common yet false presuppositions and errant judgments made by the radical left about America these days that have been made items of faith for the unstudied and easily led.  There are daily skirmishes all across America, from the verbal to the violent.  Twitter is replete with them, as are Facebook, YouTube, and other social media spaces.  What we have to rid ourselves of is the over-sized power wielded by a narrow, small spectrum of people who range from negatively disinterested to outright hostile to facts and ideas that do not align properly with their politically-correct, culturally-Marxist worldviews.  I believe most of these Social Justice Warrior (SJW) types simply follow the flock; to think for one’s self risks alienation from their social and cultural peer groups.

Most importantly, thanks to the delusions and anger coming from the cultural Marxists, more people are beginning to take back their right to think for themselves are actually starting to realize that “truth” for the left is nothing of the sort.

So they take the Red Pill.¬† They walk away from the insanity. Red-pilled Americans are always welcome here. If you’re tired of the circus-from-hell culture we have witnessed being born and would like to participate in discussions about how we must act to make America sane again, join this site!

Version Published February 2, 2019